Smannell & Enham Church of England (Aided) Primary School

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Smannell & Enham - Church of England (Aided) Primary School

A curriculum fit for the 21st Century

We have spent a long time this year designing a curriculum that reflects not only our locality and all that this has to offer but also a curriculum to help prepare our young people for the world around them and all that awaits them.  It is absolutely critical that we develop active citizens who understand the diversity in our world and the part they have to play to keep our world a healthy, happy place to be.

To this end, the school’s vision is realised through 4 key drivers and, to ensure we meet our Christian vision, stories from the bible, which offer us guidance, are a golden thread through each topic and theme.  We are working on developing these in conjunction with our in-house Chaplain, Rev. Elliott.

The curriculum, at it’s simplest, is how a school structures the knowledge and skills that a child will learn.  As a state maintained school we have to abide by the National Curriculum but it doesn’t stop there.

We have spent the latter part of 2023-24 redesigning the curriculum to ensure personal development, rich, varied experiences and specialists who add value to the children’s learning and pique their interest in a career they may never have considered as well as raise aspirations for all children.

Curriculum Overviews

In 2024-25, our new curriculum begins in earnest.  We are using this year, 2023-24 to trial units and ensure we have a solid foundation in planning and progression from which to build. With the exception of Year 6, all classes have mixed age groups so we run a 2 year cycle to ensure we cover all that needs to be covered and allow for progression in skills and knowledge.

Click on the class links below to see Cycle A which will be for 2024-25.

Cycle B for 2025-26 is beneath the class links.