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Smannell & Enham - Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Hawks - Year 5/6 class

Budding entrepreneurs

Our Year 5/6 children have got to grips with the increased curriculum demands as you’d expect for the upper school and, as we are now in summer term, they are working collaboratively to prepare themselves for the end of the academic year and their transitions into their new classes.  Year 6 have completed transition days at their new schools and, on their return to ours, we have launched the ‘Fiver challenge’ where they will be able to set up their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.  Children are given £5 and need to ‘make it grow’ – the more they make, the more lavish their picnic can be on their end of year day out!  Children will need to draw on all of their prior skills to design their product to sell, advertise it, sell it and manage the profits and losses.

Harmony Woods

Year 5 & 6 have partnered up with Harmony Woods in Andover to grown on some of the baby trees as whips in our outdoor raised beds.  They worked with Jo Oliver-Hawkins from the Andover Trees project and planted the saplings in November and have watched them grown as Autumn and Spring term have come and gone.  We now have some very healthy oak and hazel trees which will be taken by our current Year 5s in the coming Autumn 2025 and planted on the Harmony Woods site which is a community tree planting project.

The stewardship and trust that is placed in the children through this project is an important part of rooting themselves in the local community and having a sense of responsibility for something that will last for potentially hundreds of years.

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