Smannell & Enham Church of England (Aided) Primary School

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Smannell & Enham - Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Cooking supremos!

Emily & Jill

Our cooking supremoes Emily and Jill cook our children delicious lunches every day and really get to know your child as well as the rest of us of do.  They know the important things like whether your child likes the sauce on top of the pasta, if they like the corner bit of the pizza or the middle and other such very important things!

Emily is the main cook and Jill, her assistant but both are absolutely committed to the school and take great pride in providing home cooked food of the best quality.  Emily arrives early each day and will often have fresh bread baking before registers are even taken.  Jill arrives, on her bike, a little later and helps cook the main meal and set up the servery. A true double act!