Smannell & Enham Church of England (Aided) Primary School

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Smannell & Enham - Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Mrs Jefferies

Interim Headteacher

Mrs Jefferies joined Smannell & Enham in November 2023 for a 6 week block but she’s now with us until the end of the summer whilst we appoint a new substantive headteacher.  Also headteacher at another Hampshire school, Mrs Jefferies has a real passion for small schools and loves working with the children and staff.  She loves a visit or residential as it’s the place we see children really come alive and shine but also, she loves the small wins in class like when a child masters blending words for reading!  In her spare time, she loves walking in the forest where she lives with her cheeky daschund and spending time travelling.

Mrs Davis


Mrs Davis has been at Smannell & Enham more years than she’d care to remember and really knows the school inside and out.  She champions the cause for children with SEN and works closely with outside agencies and staff in school to ensure our children have all the support we can access to help them thrive.

Mrs Dee

Year 5/6 teacher – Hawks class

Mrs Dee has been at Smannell & Enham for 7 years and taught the older children for almost all of this time. She loves teaching English and History particularly and has introduced the teaching of Spanish as our Modern Foreign Lanugage although she can turn her hand to any subject!

Mrs Dee has supported our oldest children on their annual residential and loves this opportunity to get to know the children more in a different context.

Miss Charles

Year R teacher – Robins class

With a passion for early years education, Miss Charles began here as a supply and loved it so much, she stayed!  She joined Smannell & Enham CE Primary School over two years ago and has been working in Robins for these two years. She loves the community feel of the school and loves getting to know all of the children in the school.

Miss Charles enjoys woodland walks with the Robins and learning through play. In her spare time, she likes to play her Xbox and watch Disney films.

Miss Hall

Year 3/4 teacher – Kites class

Miss Hall began life here as Year 5/6 teacher but moved into Year 3/4 and has really found her niche. She joined Smannell and Enham School in September 2023. She enjoys teaching the children about the past, as well as countries and people across the world.  In her spare time, Miss Hall enjoys settling down with a good book or cooking in the kitchen.

Miss Montador

Year 1/2

Miss Montador joined Smannell & Enham in September 2023 as she stepped onto the teaching ladder for the first time however, it wasn’t her first time in a school! Previous experience includes working as a HLTA in a resourced provision unit for 3 years before taking the plunge to study for her PGCE at the University of Winchester in September 2022.

Miss Montador has a passion for working with our youngest learners and has recently moved to Robins class to get to know them well before they’re joined by new Year Rs in September 2024.

Helping each child progress in all areas of their development and Miss Montador strives to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a stimulating, fun environment.

In her spare time, she loves cooking new recipes and travelling down to the coast for some walks along the beach.