Smannell & Enham Church of England (Aided) Primary School

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Smannell & Enham - Church of England (Aided) Primary School

Woodpeckers - Year 1/2 class

Fun-loving, adventurous and brave would perfectly describe our Woodpeckers class this year!  If there’s anything active, mucky, muddy or messy, you can bet that a Woodpecker will be in the thick of it.

In their topic about rainforests, children were inspired to activism after reading the book, ‘There’s a ‘rangtan in my bedroom’ which led to them staging a protest about chopping down the rainforest with well informed knowledge from their research.

During their Antarctica topic, children created amazing models of habitats and snowscapes as well as being fascinated with the animals who live in this extreme environment.

Most recently, children have been studying the history of seaside holidays and have been captured by the differences in what they know about seaside holidays and how people took holidays at the beach in the past.  Punch and Judy characters are being sewn so that they can undertake their very own Punch and Judy show!